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5 Misconceptions About a Dynamics NAV / Business Central Upgrade

May 22, 2019
Petras Butenas

I have heard many misconceptions from customers about their Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central solution upgrade, some of them have strong basis, some are just fear. If you are considering an upgrade and you need some more convincing, let’s explore together what are the main misconceptions.

1. My database is too big

There is no too big database for a Dynamics NAV upgrade. It’s all a matter of time and resources when it comes to upgrading a large database. The biggest we’ve upgraded was as big as 1 TB.

2. My Dynamics NAV solution is too customized

While there are some customizations that would make it impossible to upgrade to Business Central from Dynamics NAV, generally there is no too customized solution. It comes down to time and money when discussing the amount of customizations to be migrated. Our experience shows that a proper analysis is a crucial part in an upgrade process and there are some certain tracking tools to help you analyze what is actually used in the system. In some cases we see that up to 70% of customizations are not necessary.

3. My Dynamics NAV is too old to upgrade

This is the case for anything older than NAV 3.60. It would make more sense to redesign a solution that is running an older version. Anything above that version could be upgraded, and could be upgraded efficiently if done using automated upgrade tools and standardized procedures.

4. Dynamics NAV is retired

Dynamics NAV is rebranded and added many more features to it rather than getting retired. Yes, it has a fresh new User Interface, many native integrations, integrated AI and continuous upgrades done by Microsoft once you are on Business Central cloud version.

5. Dynamics NAV / Business Central is getting too expensive

I would argue that if we take into account all the new functionality that has been added over the years, the price only dropped! The solution is not the same as it once was years ago, it has now many more to offer, read here to learn more.

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