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Adding an External Accountant to Business Central: Steps and Error Messages

September 11, 2019
Senior Consultant

Over the time we have seen different issues and challenges you might have with adding an external accountant  to your solution so we‘ve decided to share them all in one place. Let‘s start with the steps you should take to add the external accountant user. The following steps should be taken:

  1. Contact your Partner of Record to add an external accountant  license type (free) to your tenant. The Partner may have added it in the initial sales process. It‘s not an automatic process so better ask.
  2. Open Users page in Business Central;
  3. Select Process in Menu Ribbon;
  4. Press Invite External Accountant;
  5. Accept the Terms;
  6. Fill-in the details for your accountant and press Next;

Your accountant should receive an invite and once the invite is accepted, a new user with accountant role will be created in Business Central.

The above process should work but sometimes things can be missed. What are the common error messages?

  1. No External Accountant license available. Contact your administrator.

Fix: contact your Partner of Record to add an external accountant license (free) to your tenant. Once added, this license will also appear in your admin portal ( and your Azure Active Directory (AAD). Do not assign this license through the admin portal or AAD. If you assign it through admin portal or AAD, a Business Central user will not be created and your accountant will not be able to login.

If you get the above error message after your Partner assigned you the external accountant license, please check your Admin Portal or AAD to see if the External accountant license is available and whether it has not been assigned to anyone else. You have to have this license not assigned there so that you could send an invite from Business Central.

2. Failure. Inviting external accountant failed while doing the email. Error occurred while sending email.

Fix: check your SMTP settings in Business Central:

Open SMTP Mail Setup page;

Setup your SMTP settings. Connect your mailbox here, it could be your O365 account. Do not use a shared mailbox here.

Once you have the settings right, on the same page press the Test Email Setup button. If the test is fine -> try again adding the external accountant.

3. You do not have permission to invite the user. You must either be a global administrator or a user administrator in Azure AD. Please contact your administrator.

Fix: send the instructions for adding external accountant to your global administrator, the user who is assigning the licenses in your Admin Portal. Even if you have SUPER rights in Business Central, you might not be able to add the external accountant because you cannot assign licenses to other users.

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