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Implementation Days

– You are ordering full days for setting up Business Central using rapid start deployment packages prepared by Cloudrelia.
– The package would be chosen based on the industry selected when purchasing license and support.
– The deployment would be performed online using customer portal.
– All communication would be managed online or via phone.
– Evaluation report provided once the work is done.

Please note that we recommend the following minimum deployment packages:

– Starter: 3 days;
– Projects: 4 days;
– Assembly: 4 days;
– Trade: 4 days;
– Trade Pro: 5 days;
– Service: 5 days;
– Production: 6 days.

Please consult our team before buying the consulting package to determine the right amount of time. The above packages are standard case times recommended and your needs might be different than the standard case, for example you may need data migration from existing system, advanced WMS or other. You can only purchase deployment package once. The credit is valid for 6 months after purchase.

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