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Visual Resource Viewer

The Visual Resource Viewer (VRV) is an extension of Microsoft Business Central for Gantt Chart Scheduling. The VRV informs you on your resources’ free capacities or whether they have a double assignment. The Visual Resource Viewer gives you total control over the resource usage in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

VPS requires you to have Business Central Essentials license. Cloudrelia is an official reseller of VRV in North America, let us know if you have any questions.

Some of the key features of VRV:

1. One planning board instead of many data tables


While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central keeps all data in separate tables, the Visual Resource Viewer lets the planner grasp the resource allocations of the areas Service, Assembly, Jobs, and Absences at a glance. Moreover, the capacity curve indicates a resource’s free capacities and overloads.

Visual Resource Viewer: Eine Plantafel statt viele Datentabellen in D365

2. Capacity calculation either by day, week, or month


The capacity curve combines information on a resource’s allocation and its availability. If, for instance, a task’s duration is 10 hours, the capacity curve of a resource with an availability of 8 hours/day shows an overload – if it is calculated per day. In many cases, the planner regards a resource’s availability by week or even by month. That is why the VRV lets you select wether you do the capacity calculation either by day, week or month. The curve will aggregate the occupancy on the selected period.


3. Many support functions for quickly navigating

The Visual Resource Viewer offers lots of options that make navigating in the planning board very easy: jump to the time now line with one cklick, zoom into a period by mousewheel, jump back to your starting position and much more.

Visual Resource Viewer: schnelles Navigieren in der Plantafel

4. Make quick changes

The VRV lives within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Clicking an order or a resource directly brings you to the according card where you can make and save your changes.

Visual Resource Viewer: Änderungen schnell vornehmen

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