Upgrade Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why upgrade to Business Central?

  1. Increased security by staying on supported version. Microsoft supports only versions running 5 years behind, meaning that older versions do not receive the updates and thus run a risk for a database breach. When it comes to business data, you want to be extremely careful. Security is something companies do not think of before any incidents take place. However once that happens it is too late. In order to prevent the accident, you should take measures – start with staying current.
  2. Special offer. If your company has bought Dynamics NAV before October 31st, 2016, and is still active on the Enhancement plan, you may apply for an up to 40% discount on Business Central licenses. In some cases, this could offset the price of the upgrade.
  3. Continuous Free Business Central upgrades. Upgrades used to be one of the weaknesses for Microsoft Dynamics NAV because of the complexity and cost involved. Well no more! Once you are on Business Central cloud version, you can forget about future upgrades – they will be done every month at no extra cost. In fact, you may not even notice that one happened.
  4. Native integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and Dynamics 365 for Sales. Dynamics 365 Business Central now includes native integration inside outlook where you can access your customer data. Microsoft Flow allows a non-technical user to set up a chain of events, i.e. low customer balance could trigger an e-mail to the warehouse manager. Power BI allows for feature rich reporting at no extra cost for Business Central cloud users.
  5. New Interface using telemetry data. The web client is a lot more different than the Windows client of Dynamics NAV. The user interface has significantly changed for the better. Microsoft has analyzed user activity using telemetry data to place buttons and functions where users are searching for them thus making the solution very user friendly.
  6. Universal app experience. Business Central users now receive one experience regardless of their device.
  7. Integrated AI. Whether you are a Business Central on-premise or cloud users, you can setup AI to predict late payments or analyze images.

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

These are some good reasons for upgrading your Dynamics NAV solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, as much as we would love you to upgrade your system, please also read carefully reasons not to upgrade your Dynamics NAV solution. If you have only one of the mentioned reasons, you may reconsider your plan for an upgrade.

Having doubts?

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Why Cloudrelia for your Dynamics NAV upgrade?

Specialized team on upgrades

Our Dynamics NAV upgrade team has participated in more than 300 Dynamics NAV upgrade projects which allows us to have standardized process and a knowledge base making our upgrades less prone to error and more efficient that a standard Dynamics NAV partner.

Automation tools

We are using only the best available migration toolkits for automating code migration to events, improved merging tools, automated NAV reports upgrade tools and others.

Fixed price proposals

Yes, our upgrades are always fixed price so we’re taking the risk of running a higher cost. It also makes it easier for you to budget so you’d know what to expect.

Best alternative suggested

Having done so many upgrades, our team is able to suggest the best path available for your company

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