Upgrade Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Microsoft Dynamics SL (prev. Solomon) is a powerful ERP known for its project and financial management capabilities. Although we have recently seen a new version release – Dynamics SL 2018 – it is generally believed that the future for Dynamics SL users is Business Central. Why is that? Let’s begin by exploring the roadmap:

We can argue that Dynamics SL users do not receive all the functionality that is available for Dynamics SL users and it has been loudly speculated that Dynamics SL will not see further version releases. These are all speculations, of course, but Microsoft also released an intelligent edge sync option for balances, master data and open transaction migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central. You may migrate the data or you can only connect it to Business Central to use all the cloud capabilities.

So what are your options if you are running an older version of Dynamics SL?

You can start with your balances and transcational data in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The migration option is now available;

You can upgrade to the latest Dynamics SL 2018 version to stay supported and leave the risk of your sensitive data being stolen;

If you’ve upgraded to Dynamics SL 2018, you can connect to Business Central with Intelligent Edge to use the cloud capabilities.

Why should you consider upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

  1. Increased security by staying on supported version. Microsoft supports only versions running 5 years behind, meaning that older versions do not receive the updates and thus run a risk for a database breach. When it comes to business data, you want to be extremely careful. Security is something companies do not think of before any incidents take place. However once that happens it is too late. In order to prevent the accident, you should take measures – start with staying current.
  2. Special offer. If your company has bought Dynamics GP before October 31st, 2016, and is still active on the Enhancement plan, you may apply for an up to 40% discount on Business Central licenses. In some cases, this could offset the price of the upgrade.
  3. Continuous Free Business Central upgrades. Once you are on Business Central cloud version, you can forget about future upgrades – they will be done every month at no extra cost. In fact, you may not even notice that one happened.
  4. Seamless integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and Dynamics 365 for Sales. Dynamics 365 Business Central now includes native integration inside outlook where you can access your customer data. Microsoft Flow allows a non-technical user to set up a chain of events, i.e. low customer balance could trigger an e-mail to the warehouse manager. Power BI allows for feature rich reporting at no extra cost for Business Central cloud users.
  5. Universal app experience. Business Central users now receive one experience regardless of their device.
    Creation of workflows with Microsoft Flow.

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