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Where to find service name of Dynamics NAV / Business Central?

February 5, 2020
Elmin Bandic
Senior Consultant

Have you ever wondered how to see NAV service name for the environment you’re currently running? There is a way to check for this information, regardless if you’re using NAV Windows client or Web client. When you open Dynamics NAV App, you will notice a little blue button with a triangle pointing down, in top left corner:

Clicking this button, you’ll open a menu:

Go and select the option Select Server… and the following page will be displayed:

In the field Server Address: you see the address for accessing NAV database:

  • Comp-pc represents computer name running the NAV service
  • 6046 represents the client services port
  • Bc140 represents the NAV server instance connected to your NAV database.

If you’re using Web client for accessing your on-premise NAV database, you can find NAV service name directly in address you type to access your database:

The address consists of:

  • Localhost – Computer where NAV server is running
  • 8080 – Client port
  • BC150 – NAV service name

You can, also, get the list of NAV services on your server using PowerShell. Run PowerShell as an administrator, load NAV cmdlets and run Get-NavServerInstance command:

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